Hello there and welcome to our world!  We are Red and Lena.  And we are creating our Bohemian Bus Odyssey!

Growing up, Red and I each traveled extensively with our families. Summer road trips, boating adventures, caves, planes, trains; you name it, one of us has probably tried it.  My favorite was a trip to Paris and London my senior year of high school.  Red will most likely tell you about his road trip one year on his motorcycle!  

Soon after meeting, we were testing our relationship with a 4 day camping trip at the local renaissance festival. (There is a huge back story here!) When that went without a hitch, we began our trips together.  Austin and New Orleans have been our favorite so far, we’ll have to tell you about them.

But there is this thing called life.  Red works full-time as a property manager, I work part-time from home while homeschooling my son.  We have cars and bills; responsibilities and stresses.  Our weekend out-of-town trips are less frequent, but our desire to travel is still there.  

So that brings us here!  After many months of dreaming, we decided that we are going nomadic.  Our plan includes buying and remodeling a retired school bus into our full-time home.  This website will be used to chronicle our journey from planning to the day that we begin our Bohemian Bus Odyssey.